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Why store cord blood

Cord blood is rich in stem cells. These stem cells are the blood cells that give rise to all other blood cells that are vital to the human body. When transplanted, these stem cells can repopulate the patient's bone marrow, cause cells to reproduce rapidly, and differentiate into healthy blood cells.

Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat certain health conditions, which is why a growing number of parents are considering storing their child's cord blood. A baby's immune system is less mature, therefore when their cord blood is used as a source for stem cells, it is more likely to be compatible than stem cells from other sources.

Cord blood can be collected and stored in advance, so it is readily available when needed. The quantity and quality of stem cells in a unit of cord blood is affected by how the cord blood is collected, transported, processed and stored by the cord blood bank. This is why it is important for cord blood banks to have well controlled procedures during all phases of cord blood banking.


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